Boiler and Cooling Water Treatment

Each of our Field Service technicians will conduct On-Site water test, that will provide insight into potential scale-corrosion or bacteriological issues that will effect equipment performance and increase water and energy cost.

Our Comprehensive Water Service Program is designed to help manage customers utility operation, by thoroughly training facility personnel in the fundamentals of water treatment. In addition, a comprehensive inspection of all water related equipment and chemical; analysis of each system will be conducted monthly. This program will provide insight into the relationship between energy cost and the benefits of water treatment to your plant operating personnel.

Our Water Service Program will consist of the following:
1.An initial start-up program consisting of as many service calls as necessary will be implemented in order to accomplish the following :

A) Provide in-plant testing / education to familiarize operators with the use of WaterWise products and to instruct them on how to control, test and adjust these products, in a way that best protect their equipment from scale & corrosion.

B) Check and review the chemical feed and control system.

C) Review all Material Safety Data Information to insure the safe effective use of our products.

D) Water Wise will provide an Operators Log Book, which will include all applicable literature and instructions for properly operating the Boiler.

2.Monthly service calls will be conducted during the months the boiler is being operated. A Complete set of water test will be taken, and analyzed, to determine if proper Treatment Levels are being maintained. Adjustments to chemical pumps will be made if necessary. The following test will be done on each service call.
Alkalinity          Total Dissolved Solids
Sulfite                Total Hardness
pH                     Visual Suspended Solids

3.Regular equipment inspections will be conducted in order to evaluate results, and to provide recommendations for correct lay-up procedures.