"Nature’s Solution for treating Cooling Towers"

For the past three years, Water Wise has partner with Creative Water Solutions, the company that first discovered and patented the use of Sphagnum Moss to prevent scale, corrosion and bacteria proliferation in all water systems.

ProMoss™ for cooling towers offers a powerful, simple, and natural water treatment program that requires no installation or change to an existing cooling tower configuration. Using a simple "contact chamber" and the appropriate amounts of ProMoss™, any cooling tower (with an existing water basin) can experience the advantages and cost savings of ProMoss™

ProMoss™ allows and encourages:

• Removal of Dispersant

• Removal of Anti-Corrosion Additives

• Increase in Blowdown Settings to Save Water

• Less Cleaning / Service of Scale in Cooling Tower

• Reduced Scale and Corrosion in Chillers

ProMoss™ has also demonstrated the ability to allow increased blowdown settings, by 100% (or more), with no increase in Scaling or corrosion. This results in significant water savings. ProMoss™, when used in conjunction with an oxidizing biocide, has given excellent results. Profound reductions in scale all but eliminate the need for power washing and acid washing.

Researched & Developed by David Knighton, M.D. who earned his Medical degree at Abraham Lincoln School of Medicine at the University of Illinois, withpostgraduate surgical studies at the University of California (San Francis-co), where he later becameChief Resident Surgeon. He has received more than a dozen honors, including “Who’s Who in America, ”has written numerous publications on various medical subjects and belongs to a host of profes-sionalorganizations. Dr. Knighton is the recipient of more than a dozen research grants, including those fromthe National Institute of Health and Veterans Administration. In addition to the above-mentionedcompanies, the doctor also is Founder and CEO of Knighton Real Estate, Inc., and KnightonTransportation, LLC, and has served on the Board of Directors for Surgidyne (1993-2002). He also served on the faculty of the University of Minnesota Hospital and Clinic (1984-2000)

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