Description of the Solid Approach System

The Water Wise ‘Solid Approach’ unit is an innovative chemical water treatment system for Boilers, Cooling Towers and Waste Water Applications.

Unlike traditional liquid treatment programs, the Solid Approach system utilizes chemicals specially formulated in a solid / encapsulated form and is supplied in a 21/2-gallon PVC container with a specially designed dispensing system, which dissolves the material into a liquid ready to use material that is then “stored” in the reservoir where a chemical pump can be installed and used to inject the material directly into any pipe for scale and corrosion control.

The advantage of this system is a more compact water treatment system, with reduced chemical handling and storage on site. Each container of the concentrated and encapsulated material has approximately the same water treatment capacity as a 55-gallon drum of liquid chemicals.

The make-up water to be treated is first regulated to 3-5 psig for diluting the material via two separate adjustable water regulators. The inlet solenoid valve feeding the required chemical dispenser is opened and a controlled jet of water is sprayed into the inverted Solid Approach chemical container. The rate of chemical dissolution is determined by the water pressure and the dissolved chemical solution is accumulated in the dispenser. A fine mesh screen prevents any excess solid chemicals from falling into the dispensing chamber.